A selection of my radio work:

Marmet’s Yellow Slaw Offers a Tasty Twist on the Standard West Virginia Hot Dog (West Virginia Public Broadcasting)

If you go to a West Virginia restaurant and order a hot dog with “everything,” most of the time you’ll end up with the same thing: a weenie in a bun topped with a beef-based chili (no beans), mayonnaise-based coleslaw, diced onion and mustard.

Some places leave off the slaw. Some places make the chili spicier than others. Some places put ketchup on it, much to the horror of slaw dog purists. But no matter these slight variations, the flavors remain more or less consistent.

Except in the little town of Marmet, West Virginia, about 10 miles outside the state capital. Here the slaw is yellow — because it’s made with mustard, sugar and apple cider vinegar, not mayonnaise. This lends the dog a complex sweet and tangy flavor.

A Family Cultivates Tradition With A Nearly-forgotten Tomato (West Virginia Public Broadcasting)

When Mary Lou Estler married her late husband Bob in 1960, it wasn’t long before she was introduced to a priceless family heirloom — an heirloom tomato.

New River Gorge Rock Climbers Grapple With Racist Route Names (West Virginia Public Broadcasting)

In summer 2020, the world of rock climbing began working to change racist and otherwise offensive rock climbing route names. This story follows how that work played out in West Virginia’s New River Gorge.

Wetzel County Workshop Keeps Folk Toys Alive” (West Virginia Public Broadcasting)

If Santa’s workshop lived deep in the West Virginia woods, it would probably look a lot like Steve and Ellie Conlon’s Mountain Craft Shop Co.

W.Va. Campground Preserving Appalachian-Born Style Of Sacred Music That Is Quickly Being Forgotten (West Virginia Public Broadcasting)

There’s a place in southern West Virginia that many consider holy ground. For nearly 70 years, gospel music fans have gathered on this mountaintop just south of Summersville Lake for weekend concerts featuring singers from all over West Virginia and its surrounding states.